Do You Think You Know Google Places? – Think Again!

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Every once in a while, “the basics” sneak up on you. This happened to me as I trained a new employee about the importance of a dealer’s Google+ Business Page. I’m sure if I took a poll on how many internet managers think they have a good handle on their Google+ Business Page, the results would be favorable. Well, that’s what I thought about myself UNTIL I actually logged into a live dealer’s Google+ Business Page to have a training session and saw all of Google’s unannounced changes that can REALLY help a dealer’s website get found on the internet much more than ever before.

Any website provider who takes on a dealer’s website for the most part has the duties of managing a dealer’s SEO strategy. A BIG part of a dealer’s SEO strategy starts with an optimized Google+ Business Page. This is considered 101 at Dealer eProcess. Any time we bring on a new dealer’s business, we look to optimize the dealer’s business page as the website is being built. There are a few components of the Google Places page that must be updated with strategy in mind. This is where I was shocked at what’s possible today.

Let me explain.

1. The first thing I take a look at is the “description” that Google+ Business Page allows you to have on behalf of the dealership. This should be tailored around the brand you sell along with some information about your store.

What’s changed? You can now add links directly back to different portions of your website within the description. The “description” is now called “Introduction”. Take a look at the screenshot below. This is what you can expect to see.


2. The second thing I always take a look at are the categories that Google allows you to set on behalf of the dealership. The categories are a key component as they are the MAIN reason why your dealership’s Place page shows up for broad keyword searches like, “Toyota Dealer”, “Oil Change”, or “Transmission Repair”.

What’s changed?
In the past the Google+ Business Place page allowed a max of 5 categories to be set. NOW YOU CAN SET 10! Take a look at the screenshot below for the ten we set up for one of our Toyota Dealers. Make sure the “primary” is set for the brand you sell.

Dealer e Process Toyota Categories Place Page

3.The third thing I take a look at (which 99% of the time is never set correctly) is the WHERE you serve customers at. Would you believe most dealers only have their physical address set? Don’t we sell goods and services to customers at least 50 miles away? How about 150 miles away?

What’s changed? You can now choose a mile radius for how far you sell goods and services (up to 999 miles), which gives your dealership’s Google Places page listing a MAJOR increase in the amount of times it shows up in searches on Google. Take a look at the screenshot below so you know what to expect and what to do.

set mile radius

Here’s the Tip: You have heard this a thousands times, but I’ll say it again: the internet is changing faster than we can keep up and this directly affects a dealer’s business. Car dealers have a choice. A choice to choose a vendor that is NOT too big to get out of their own way. This choice can change your business for the better. This article is just one example of how an industry leader looks out for their partner!

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