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Structured Data SEO

How Does Your Structured Data Measure Up?

Dealer eProcess uses the latest strategies and technologies to be an industry leader in every aspect possible, including structured data.  Structured Data, often referred to as “Schema Markup” is one of the most valuable SEO techniques available to search engine marketers. Created by major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex),…
September 16, 2019
Case StudiesFeaturedSEO

Increase Web Traffic with Custom Content

Increasing impressions improves your dealership’s visibility and brand awareness within search engines for consumers. Dominating search results leads to growth in organic traffic, contributing to increased leads and revenue for dealerships. In a recent case study, comparing a 3-month span year-over-year, a dealership increased impressions 11% by enhancing their SEO…
Dealer eProcess
March 20, 2019
Scion of McDonough Design Spotlight

Design Spotlight December 2014 – Scion of McDonough

Scion of McDonough transformed their template website into a wide screen design now that Scion has lifted the template requirement for manufacturer compliance. The wide screen image allows the dealer to display eye-catching offers and promotions to the customer. The smart search allows Scion of McDonough customers to search throughout the…
Dealer eProcess
December 11, 2014