Size Really Does Matter…. In This Case Anyway

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Google is making its biggest change to PPC search ads since AdWords began 15 years ago. Is your Digital Marketing vendor ready?

Expanded Text Ads

What’s Changing? – The all-new Expanded Text Ads will allow for 50% more text than standard ads; with an additional headline and increased character limit in description lines. These ads will be about 2 times the size of the current standard text ad! Expanded Text ads are also fully optimized for mobile devices so you can reach your customers with a larger message on any device!

Experts are predicting an increase of up to 20% on click-through-rates when comparing Expanded Text Ads to Standard Text Ads.

Google Standard Text Ads and Expanded Text Ads

What Does This Mean For You? – If you’re currently a Dealer eProcess Digital Advertising client, you already have expanded text ads running in your account! However, if you’re not a digital advertising client of Dealer eProcess, you may want to reach out to your current provider to ensure they are ready for the big switch. Once the expanded text ads roll out full-time in October, standard text ads will no longer be accepted as a new ad inside your account. Standard Text ads across the Google Search Network will also start to get lost in the shadows of your competitors.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about Expanded Text Ads, or any other new developments from Google, please contact the digital marketing team at Dealer eProcess at 1-877-344-6473.

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