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RESSponsive 3.0 Upgrade – Hyper Zoom Technology

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hyper zoom technology
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In an effort to stay several steps ahead when it comes to industry technology, we at DEP are excited to announce the launch of our latest platform. The RESSponsive 3.0 upgrade includes 10 main sections, all of which are designed to enhance your dealership’s web presence. Keep reading to learn more about our exclusive Hi-Res Images with Hyper Zoom technology.

One RESSponsive 3.0 upgrade that we are particularly excited about is Hi-Res Vehicle Images with Hyper Zoom technology. Inspired by shopping sites such as Amazon.com, Nike.com, and Buckle.com, customers will now be able to “zoom in” on the interior and exterior photos displayed on the VDP. This state-of-the-art feature is currently only available from Dealer eProcess, making it a surefire way to ensure that your dealership stands out. It also provides a top-notch user experience, especially when it comes to those shopping for a pre-owned vehicle.

When equipped the Hi-Res images, inventory photos look excellent on a larger screen, such as a desktop. Thanks to our advanced engineering, these same images automatically adapt for smaller screens, such as a smartphone. This means that a user won’t have to wait for a page to slowly load due to the amount of large image files that have been added to the site.

With the ability to see a crystal-clear, close-up detail of any model in your inventory, a customer can truly do effective research for a vehicle from the comfort of their own home. This Hyper Zoom technology could be the difference that your online inventory has been waiting for. And it’s only part of the whole RESSponsive 3.0 upgrade!

Take the next step and schedule a 3.0 demo with your DEP Account Executive today. Want to learn more about the award-winning websites we create? Our sales team would love to hear from you!

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