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New Website Feature: VDPxL

By June 6, 2018 February 4th, 2019 No Comments
title image: Size Matters. How big is your VDP?
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Dealer eProcess is excited to announce a bold new inventory display option – VDPxL. Featuring an innovative look, highly researched layout, and seamless integration, VDPxL is a great way to help customers enjoy the vehicle research process!



The main difference with VDPxL and the default VDP is image size and placement. The vehicle itself really takes center stage here, shown as a large image that takes up the majority of the page. Thanks to the carousel scroll view, a customer can quickly make their way through all of the interior and exterior images. Image size is matched by incredibly high pixel resolution that brings a life-like quality to each one. Plus, the HyperZoom feature lets them see an even more detailed view. A customer will feel like they are right there in front of the vehicle!

When designing VDPxL, our DEP team referenced Hick’s law, which is a theory that analyzes the amount of time it takes a person to make a decision based on the number of options placed before them. Studies show that when presented with too many options, a person will actually take longer to make a decision and may not even make one at all. This “less is more” idea translates into showing just four main call-to-action buttons above the fold – Get Lease (offers), Get ePrice, Trade-In, and Pre-Approval. They were chosen based on lead data, ensuring that the customer is seeing the information they are truly interested in. All other options are placed below, still easily accessible, but not distracting from the vehicle photos.

Additionally, dealers who have DEPi will still be able to leverage innovative Dealer eProcess exclusive hot spots. Here again, the information is readily available for the consumer without being visually overwhelming. All they have to do is click on the hot spot circle to learn more about the cargo space, technology features, upholstery, or even view the window sticker.

To learn more about VDPxL and the rest of our award-winning website features, contact Dealer eProcess!

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