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Increase Leads with DriveCentive

By August 17, 2018 February 4th, 2019 No Comments
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For an intuitive tool that can boost your leads and increase conversions, check out DriveCentive! We at Dealer eProcess are excited to tell you more about how this smart-offer tool works and the benefits it can provide.


DriveCentive is designed to complement current website marketing strategies, offering an incentive that is customized by the dealer and tailored to each individual customer. Unique from banner ads or other site ads, DriveCentive doesn’t get offered to every customer. Instead, this intelligent tool follows the engagement variables set on the dashboard. Engagement Criteria can include minimum VDP views, a minimum amount of time spent on a VDP, zip code, and much more. Not only does a dealer get to decide when the ad is displayed, they can also have multiple different offers live at the same time, matching the aggressiveness of the offer with their target area or model.

DriveCentive Offer

What makes customers want to engage with DriveCentive? They’ll be attracted by specific dollar amount savings that they can apply to anything you choose. Offer options include savings on a trade-in, discount towards a vehicle purchase (new or used), as well as an incentive for taking a test drive. The form is simple and straightforward, so customers don’t have to worry about providing too much information or spending too much time completing it. All they have to do is include their name, phone number, email, and hit submit! To ensure the customer doesn’t feel overwhelmed, a dealer can also set a limit to the number of offers that can be shown to a customer during a specific time-frame.


Keep customers on your website and bring them into the dealership with DriveCentive!  The illustration below shows that in less than one month, DriveCentive brought in 105 leads that led to 12 sold vehicles. Even with the discounts given, dealerships are able to turn a significant profit.

DriveCentive Leads

DriveCentive Sales

Increase your leads with DriveCentive! To see this tool in action, schedule a demo with our Digital Marketing experts here at Dealer eProcess.

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