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Google Testing Paid Ad in Local Markets

By September 22, 2016 January 9th, 2017 No Comments


Google has recently announced that they will soon be rolling out a new look to their search results page; and, in some regions, is currently testing this change. As of right now, there is what is called a “3-pack” with three organic and local search results based on what a user is searching for, as well as the area the user is searching in. However, Google will soon start implementing a 2-pack result, which will show a paid local result followed by only two organic local results.googlesearch

Instead of the current 3-pack feature basing the results on key factors, such as the business’s physical proximity to the searcher’s current location, the 2-pack will only show Google users two organic results, meaning that each user may see less of what he or she is originally looking for. This means that any business can get first placement in local results by paying for it through Google AdWords, otherwise known as Pay Per Click, or PPC, by bidding on certain keywords and/or areas. Due to this change, it will be more difficult to get your business to appear organically in this new 2-pack without paying for an ad spot, which in and of itself will be difficult to win.

Because of this potential decrease in traffic to a variety of websites, many dealerships will have to work harder to show up in the two organic local results. It will be imperative for dealerships to ensure that all of their business information is correct on Google and that they are following the Google My Business guidelines. The SEO team at Dealer eProcess can help your local rankings by auditing your dealership’s Google My Business pages for accuracy and up-to-date information, as well as ensure that it follows Google’s guidelines. These rankings are impacted by other elements, including positive customer reviews, quality and local backlinks, localized content like landing pages and blog posts, and ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website.

While this new implication hasn’t been globally released yet, you may begin to see this new 2-pack search result on Google search results, as Google is currently testing this variation of local results. Be on the lookout for how this may impact your business’s webpage.

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