No Smoke and Mirrors…

Fully Transparent Marketing

Always Know Where YOUR Money Is Going

How much money did you spend this month? How many leads did you get? How much of your budget was spent on your new inventory? A lot of times dealers are asked this question, and a lot of times they have nowhere to go to find the answer. Many marketing vendors today give their dealers minimal reports with little to no access to the data that really matters. With Dealer e Process, you don’t ever have to wonder where your money’s being spent.

The Digital AMMP executive marketing dashboard is industry’s most transparent reporting system. This dashboard is your one-stop-shop for all the information you could ever want; and you can access it at any time. All your data is right at your fingertips; from high-level data like clicks, impressions, and pages viewed, all the way down to how much was spent to sell a car. It’s all right there for you.

You should never be in the dark when it comes to digital marketing. This is YOUR money, so make sure you know exactly where it’s going and exactly what it’s getting you.


Imagine having one, easy-to-navigate dealer dashboard, where you can view metrics on everything from Search Marketing to Remarketing, Inventory-Specific Ads, Display Advertising, and more. You can even listen to recordings of all calls that came into your dealership from your digital advertising, so you can assess your team’s ability to close the deal! The Dealer eProcess dashboard is your One-Stop-Shop for all of the information you need relating to the success of your online marketing strategy.

Understand Your Sales Funnel

When it comes to optimizing your digital ad dollars, you must first understand how to market to your sales funnel. With our new reporting dashboard, you’ll not only know the best marketing tools to reach shoppers in different stages of the sales funnel, but you’ll know how to optimize your budget for each section of the funnel.

Sales Funnel overview

Measure all Marketing Channels

With our new marketing overview, we’re able to display metrics across multiple marketing channels. Using this data, we can now come up with an optimal marketing mix for all different marketing outlets. Whether it’s Google, Bing, or other 3rd party lead sources, you’ll always know where you’re getting your best return on investment.

Advertising Channel

Comprehensive Overview

Measure your traffic at the deepest level and truly understand your customers. Using a data mixture from both paid and organic sources, our new analytics overview takes the guesswork out of measuring your site activity. Get a complete snapshot of all important metrics; including cost per SRP and VDP. Having this data will ensure that you will never be “flying blind” with your marketing efforts.

Analytics overview screen