Quick 3-Step Vehicle Trade-In

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The newest version of our platform takes less than 10 seconds for the customer to complete. Our unique Google-like predictive search functionality eliminates clicks and generates leads.

With eAutoAppraise on your website your customer can quickly and easily value their trade, get pre-approved, and select their replacement vehicle all in a matter of seconds. The customer spends less time in the dealership, buys a car and your facility has exceeded the customers’ expectations.

100% Responsive Technology

The majority of today’s third-party applications (other trade-in tools) suffer from a lack of technology, or multiscreen capabilities. The eAutoAppraise platform is 100% responsive, which means it will work on ANY screen and on ANY website provider’s platform.

eAutoAppraise on device screens

Making Vehicle Appraisals Easy

Available To Any Website Provider

The eAutoAppraise platform is available to integrate with ANY website provider’s platform, while having the ability to send leads to ANY CRM company in the industry. All website links and lead address controls are easily accessible in the user interface.

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Customizable Appraisal Values

With customizable appraisal values powered by NADAguides, dealers will have a choice as far as how aggressive they want to be with the value given to a customer for their trade-in. Our easy to use interface allows the dealer to set the “aggressiveness” of the value down to the trim level of the vehicle to be traded in. These values are also 100% customizable.

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Incentives and Special Offers From All Manufacturers

Potential customers are always looking for the best deal! Having REAL TIME incentives for ALL manufacturers and special programs offers available is the key to conversion. Our application will give the customer what they are looking for: DEALS! The best incentives, which includes the best and lowest APR%, highest cash back available, and all additional programs like college graduate, military, etc. will be on full display as we connect customers to new car possibilities. The combinations of deals to be made are endless!

eAutoAppraise special offer screen


Pre-Approval Utilizing CreditMiner

Customers want to know, “Can I afford this car? Can I get pre-approved before I walk into the dealership?” YES! With our connection to CreditMiner, dealers can now pre-screen consumers in REAL TIME, without the need for a consumer’s SS# or DOB. With our connection to CreditMiner, dealers will enjoy the informational power of TransUnion.

With every lead, dealers will receive the powerful REAL TIME information listed below:

  • Customer’s Current Credit Score
  • Current Vehicle Payment
  • Current Vehicle APR%
  • Original Term of Loan
  • Number of Months Remaining
  • Number of Late Payments
  • Co-Signers
  • Up to 5 Loans


eAutoAppraise CreditMiner 2017 update

Integrated Dealer Inventory

The bloodline of any car dealer is their inventory. Vehicle turnover is of the utmost importance as dealers face depreciating inventory value. Regardless of the inventory provider, our platform connects the customer to the actual dealer’s new and used vehicle inventory, with pricing in real time. When customers are asked to choose a “replacement vehicle,” they will also have the option to choose a vehicle that matches the model and options of an in-stock vehicle!

Replacement vehicle selection screen


Customers Can Upload Video/Photo of Trade-in

Transparency is very important to the customer, but also the dealer. How “clean” a vehicle is has been known to get exaggerated from time to time. A cool feature that our platform offers is the ability for a customer to upload a video and/ or pictures of their vehicle with the simple use of our built-in, mobile-friendly application. Being transparent about the condition of your vehicle has never been easier.

photos and video have been uploaded to eAutoAppraiase tool

Social Media Sign-On Integration

Social Media is not going away. The question is, are dealers using this media to help a customer CONNECT to a dealer’s tools to simplify the process of generating a lead? We are! Customers will have the ability to fill out a form using our Facebook or Google sign-on button. This virtually pulls their information into our application and cuts a customer’s time in half, while giving us some additional information about that customer to share with the dealer (what they “like” for example!)

Social media sign on integration


Additional Questions

Already giving the dealer more information than ANY vehicle appraisal tool in the industry, we thought we could add in some additional functionality that is also customizable by the dealer, like “additional questions” to ask your customers. Our platform gives the dealer the ability to ask customers important unique questions about the vehicle traded in to help make for a better appraisal. For example, has this vehicle been smoked in? Has this vehicle been in an accident? Does this vehicle have two key fobs?

Additional questions screen

Real time updating

Real Time Updating

You know the old saying, time is money! Real time updating is a major advantage to our platform. Vehicle Values, Inventory, Incentives, Credit Info, Coupons, Themes, Reporting, etc. are all updated in REAL TIME, giving this application the most up to date information possible while saving the dealer from showroom conflicts and legal ramifications.

Compliant Color Themes

Manufacturer Brand protection is on the rise. This new form of protection creates a compliancy issue that a dealer must conform to. Thankfully, the eAutoAppraise platform has you covered. Dealers will have the ability to choose compliant applications by manufacturer as well as colors to match the look and feel of the dealer website.

eAutoAppraise color compliant themes


Advanced Reporting

Inspect what you expect! Our platform will overwhelm you with data. We capture:

  • Lead volume by day/week/month or year
  • Complete customer and trade-in data
  • A full range of “desired replacement vehicle” data broken down by year/make/model and even trim level
  • Easy to understand graphs and pie charts allow you (or us?) to drill down and see what vehicles the customers are truly looking for.
Advanced Reporting

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