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Customers are looking for transparency and we have the tool that makes this possible, eAutopayments. Don’t lose a lead or a sale because your website’s payment calculator can only compute a best guess. Enable consumers to generate the most accurate monthly payment estimates with our state-of-the-art online payment calculator.

The programs presented through your website are chosen and powered by you. Via your website, you can deliver side-by-side, vehicle-specific 1st pencil loan/lease payment calculations based on actual finance program data. Present real APR, residuals and incentives for VIN-specific new and used vehicles while taking into account the customer’s credit score! Include reserve and rate mark-ups in the monthly payment, as well as the consumer’s down payment amount, term and trade value. Customers can get pre-approved via CreditMiner.

eAuto Payments responsive

Two Payment Options Finance or Lease

Every vehicle on the dealer’s website will now display payments for all US makes, models, and trims for all zip codes for purchase or for Lease.

  • Captive lender rates, based on credit tiers for all captive lenders in the United States.
  • Coverage of rates for over 200 additional non-captive lenders
  • OEM rebates & incentives including:
    • Lease special programs
    • Finance special programs
    • CPO special programs
    • Customer cash back
    • Finance cash
    • Stack-ability and compatibility rules among incentives
    • Conditional incentives (e.g. military, college, loyalty, etc.)
  • Access to the payment calculation engine that provides a true payment including:
    • Calculate loan payments
      • With cash incentives
      • Without cash incentives
      • For new, used, certified vehicles
    • Calculate lease payments
      • With cash incentives
      • Without cash incentives
      • For new vehicles
    • Output includes fields that are required by the Truth in Lending act and Regulation Z
      • Example: payment amount, term, APR, access mileage charge, down payment
    • Ability to manage dealer profiles to:
      • Add/remove lenders
      • Add markup by lease, by retail, by new, by used, by certified
      • Or, use one master profile with all captive lenders activated and a default markup (e.g. 0% or 1% markup)
eAuto Payment options

eAuto Payment credit score display

Credit Score Now Part of Payments

It’s not REALLY considered being transparent if your dealership is quoting customers payments without taking into account their actual credit situation. Our application allows the customers to see their payments for purchase and lease while altering their perceived credit score for EVERY vehicle listed on the dealer’s website.

Lender & Manufacturer Rebates and Incentives Are Applied

No quoted payment, whether for purchase or lease can be complete when manufacturer programs and incentives have not been applied. Imagine having them at your fingertips for customers to utilize when trying to figure out what their prospective payment would be? It’s like a payment calculator on steroids.

eAuto Payments rebates and incentives

Provide Current APR Rates
From the Lenders You Select

Every dealership has a choice when it comes to lenders, and some dealers even have relationships with lenders that assist in “getting deals done”. Captive lenders, national lenders, and local lenders are all available with technology in place to put together the BEST possible payment for vehicle purchase or vehicle lease possible. Transparent and smart!

Include Your Dealership Reserve & Markup

Even though customers are looking for transparency, dealers still need to make a profit. Our user interface allows the dealer to control reserve as well as the markup down to the trim level of each vehicle in inventory.

Customers Can Now Get Pre-Approved In Real Time

Customers want to know, can I afford this car? Can I get pre-approved before
I walk into the dealership? YES! With our connection to CreditMiner, dealers can now Pre-Screen consumers in Real Time, without the need for a
consumer’s SS# or DOB. With our connection to CreditMiner, dealers will
enjoy the informational power of TranUnion, Equifax and Experian.

With every lead, dealers will receive the powerful REAL TIME
information listed below.

  • Customers Current Credit Score
  • Current Vehicle Payment
  • Current Vehicle APR%
  • Original Term of Loan
  • Number of Months Remaining
  • Number of Late Payments
  • Co-Signers
  • Up to 5 Loans
eAuto Payments pre approved real time

100% Responsive Technology

The majority of today’s third party applications suffer from a lack of technology, or multi-screen capabilities. The eAutoPayments application is 100% responsive which means it will work on ANY screen and on ANY website provider’s platform.

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