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Boost In-Store Traffic with DriveCentive

By April 10, 2017 February 7th, 2019 No Comments
DriveCentive Test Drive Incentive
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Dealer eProcess is proud to offer a fresh way to generate customer interest and increase customer visits to a client’s location with the DriveCentive platform. By targeting specific customer data and interests, this banner on the website homepage becomes an intuitive marketing strategy.

DriveCentive takes the “gift card incentive” program to a new level with session-based information. Dealerships can decide the dollar amount that appears each time the customer visits the site. The intelligent banner grabs attention with clean graphics and leads users to a form that they can fill out for a printable code. Redeemable only by completing a test drive, customers are encouraged to take the next step and visit the dealership location.

DriveCentive StatsWith our easy-to-read data reports, dealerships can track exactly how many people have accepted the offer, redeemed or let it expire, as well as the total dollar amount given in redeemed gift cards. This allows for strategic customization in order to make the most of the feature and drive even more in-store traffic.  You’ll be able to turn casual browsing into an one-on-one meeting at your location through this simple, tailor-made feature.

How much is each customer worth to you as a dealer? With this platform, you’ll be able to target visitors with a variable dollar amount that corresponds the level of interest they have in the site. They’ll be enticed by the fact that the gift card options include numerous name-brand manufacturers and the chance to see how a vehicle they’ve been considering performs in person.

Give your dealership website that extra edge with DriveCentive! For more information, contact us at Dealer eProcess as soon as today.

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