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Dealer eProcess’ brand new digital retailing tool, SARA, has just provided a 100% ROI on its first day on Gillespie Ford’s website! We all know digital retailing is going to have a major impact in how consumers purchase cars in the very near future, but we may have underestimated just how powerful this technology can be.

SARA, or Smart Automotive Retail Assistant, is the industry’s only digital retailing tool that offers real-time customer pre-screens directly from TransUnion’s API (via eCredit App), and a fully integrated trade-in tool (eAuto Appraise) that can give valuations from NADA Guides, KBB, or BlackBook. The combination of this technology allows a consumer to get an accurate payment on the car they’re interested in, a true equity calculation of their current vehicle based on their trade-in value and payoff amount (which DEP gets straight from TransUnion), and allows them to instantly apply any applicable offers/rebates…all in less than 60 seconds!

This tool is so simple for consumers to use, that for one dealer it took less than 24 hours to more than pay for itself. Gillespie Ford, a mid-sized Ford dealer in northern IL, went live with SARA on September 28th. As you can see from the lead screenshot below, on September 29th, SARA had produced a lead that lead to a sale on the very same day! The value of the sale generated a nearly 100% ROI for Gillespie Ford; meaning SARA already more than paid for herself.

SARA lead screen

Dealer eProcess is able to track SARA’s sales, and what traffic sources brought the customer to the dealer’s site, through its DMS Attribution system, CARoi. As you can see below, this customer was a Google Ads customer who typed in the search term “Ford Dealership,” and clicked on the ad that appeared at the top of the Google search page. After a few short steps, they had their payment, rate, and trade-in value all in hand. They then drove to the dealership and the deal was done.

Not bad for SARA’s first day on the job!

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