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Design Spotlight July 2016: Maserati Auto Gallery

By July 20, 2016 August 22nd, 2016 No Comments
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Dealer eProcess continues to be an innovator when it comes to digital marketing and website design. As a member of the Potamkin Automotive Group, Maserati Auto Gallery recently saw its website updated to increase traffic and leads to its dealership.

One of the most impressive features on its new website is the inclusion of parallax scrolling – the first website in the Dealer eProcess family to include this feature. Take a look at Maserati Auto Gallery’s home page, and you’ll see that the site is given depth, as images in the foreground scroll faster than those in background, which creates a multi-layered effect. The result? A sharp appearance that immerses the viewer and grabs their attention immediately.

In addition to its striking home page, Maserati Auto Gallery has plenty of useful tools that engage and inform customers as they look through the site. The easy-to-use Search Results Page (SRP) allows customers to filter their search to their exact specifications, which leads them directly to the vehicle they’re looking for. Once they find the perfect match, the Vehicle Details Page (VDP) lists pertinent information such as the vehicle’s brochure, owner’s manual, green score, awards, and more!

With these key additions to their website, Maserati Auto Gallery will be providing its customers with a top-notch user experience. Dealer eProcess is on the forefront when it comes to award-winning Responsive (RESS) website designs that produce results and give customers an enhanced online experience. Give us a call today!

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