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DEPi – Take Control of Your Inventory

By June 5, 2018 July 19th, 2018 No Comments
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DEPi, the Dealer eProcess inventory data management system allows access to one platform to both merchandise and distribute vehicle inventory. Featuring a streamlined process, customizable tools, and numerous exciting new features, this one-stop shop provides both bulk and specific vehicle marketing.

The key difference with DEPi is the elimination of the “middleman.” Now, our team will be getting the raw data directly, which allows us to quickly distribute DMS polling, dealer files, and more, straight to rich display ads on dealer websites, OEM sites, online classifieds, and partner networks. This also means that if an issue was to occur, we can find out what needs to be adjusted and take care of it right away. It also allows for greater customization and a whole array of new features.

Customizable Inventory Display

With DEPi, dealers can get creative with nearly every aspect of their inventory and its display. A Custom Layover System is available for every vehicle and includes a corresponding icon for the site that it is displayed on, such as Autotrader or Cars.com. With the Photo Editing tool, vehicle images can be adjusted for lighting, different backgrounds, and more. The Integrated Video System brings inventory to life with a high-quality video display. Another unique feature is our Window Sticker Module, which can be used to customize the layout, design, and what information is displayed about that particular vehicle.

Interactive Online Shopping

Modern shoppers want to be informed and have access to ample amounts of research before they ever step foot in a dealership. DEPi builds on this by making it easy for a customer to learn more about the model they are interested in right from the dealer website. In addition to all of the features mentioned above, our new inventory system includes high-resolution photos and our Hyper Zoom technology. Based on other consumer website features, users can see how a vehicle truly looks with crystal-clear images and the ability to zoom in on a specific area. Taking this even one step further are our Automated Photo Hotspots. Based on VIN information, small dots appear on key areas of the interior and exterior photos in the VDP. When a customer clicks on these “hot spots,” they’ll be able to see details such as fuel capacity, exterior color, interior features, and more. Customized Hot Spots are available as well.

Send Your Feed Anywhere

Send your feed anywhere with DEPi! Getting the word out about a dealership’s inventory is crucial, which is why we have almost 500 destinations already loaded on our dashboard. This includes Craigslist, Cars.com, and Autotrader.com, but we can also export to specific sites if requested. Another great enhancement with our tool is the ability to update this feed whenever the dealer wants – whether that’s on a scheduled daily timeline or when the need arises. There’s no app required with our fully responsive system, just log-in to our simple dashboard. Small details make a big difference, like our straightforward ‘To Do’s’ which ensure that every aspect of the inventory feed is where it should be.

Take Control of Your Inventory

Whether you have one of our award-winning websites or not, you can take advantage of our industry-leading inventory management system – DEPi. Increasing sales and getting the word out about your inventory is easier than ever with our tools, so contact us at Dealer eProcess today and learn more!

Contact Dealer eProcess today to learn more about our All-In-One solution, featuring RESSponsive 3.0 websites, full-suite digital marketing, chat, trade-in tool, finance application, and more!

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