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Role of Dealership Websites Inside the Store

By June 18, 2014 No Comments
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Mobile phones greatly changed the role of the dealership website. Many of us used to gauge a website primarily on its ability to convert shoppers into contacts. That remains important, but today the site is used by customers even while they are in the store. Savvy dealerships are turning to high-content websites and training personnel on the use of that content when working with customers in person as well as on the phone or online.

When the website is loaded with content about the vehicle, within a navigation platform that makes things easy to find, anyone with the site in front of them can be an expert on the vehicle. Employees can remind shoppers what awards a particular vehicle won in the model year it was created. They can assure customers the vehicle includes the options or marketing packages important to the shopper. They can even bring up manufacturer brochures and owner’s manuals on the vehicle, right on the dealer’s website.

Dealerships can tell customers about a vehicle's awards or download a brochure directly from their website.

Dealerships can tell customers about a vehicle’s awards or download a brochure directly from their website.

This information is particularly important for used vehicles. Some sales people are truly experts regarding the new vehicles they sell, but that’s extremely hard to achieve with used vehicles. This is especially important now that more and more stores are placing an enhanced emphasis on the sale of used vehicles. Thousands of dealerships use pricing tools like vAuto or FirstLook, and virtually every dealer now understands the importance of merchandising their inventory with photos, videos, and text descriptions. Dealers need a differentiator. Additional information, better navigation for that information, and training staff members on how to use this information can all lead to significant competitive advantage.

There is an inverse relationship between information and customer doubt, and a direct relationship between information and perceived value. Providing more information can help improve close rates, hold gross, and shorten the time it takes to sell a vehicle within the store. It’s difficult to know what information will be vital to a particular individual. Providing complete transparency, as well as making it easy to find the information, makes it possible for each shopper to quickly obtain the information they need. It can also help each person in the dealership quickly find the information they or the shopper are looking for.

Dealership websites not only play a huge role in driving traffic to the store, they have a significant role within the store. Living up to the opportunity requires more content than most dealership websites provide.

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