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DealerLegion and Dealer eProcess Combine Credit Products

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Augusta, GA (Feb 3, 2014) – Dealer eProcess and DealerLegion, LLC are combining their products for a real-time credit approval and lead generation software that will allow dealers to give consumers the ability to pre-qualify for an auto loan without the need of a social security number or birth date. The two products, Dealer eProcess’ Virtual Credit Consultant and DealerLegion’s Credit Miner, will give dealers the ability to offer credit that will closely resemble the final financing term that is ultimately structured by the bank.

“Credit Miner is a solution that not only allows dealers to pre-qualify customers, but it allows dealers to avoid a compliance burden that begins the moment they take the social security number and date of birth,” says Don O’Neill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for DealerLegion. “Too often, dealers are put in the position of offering a term or rate that the consumer just doesn’t qualify for. These errors are due to a lack of information and are costly to the dealer.”

The Virtual Credit Consultant is a program that walks potential buyers through three simple steps of getting financed with instant pre-approval and no embarrassment involved. It utilizes the “soft-pull” method of credit scoring which will not show up on a consumer’s credit report. Add in the Credit Miner software, and dealers will have a complete platform that offers enhanced data and real-time credit scoring.

“Dealer eProcess has been on the cutting edge of technology in this space for years,” said O’Neill. “They’ve been providing adaptive websites to dealers since before it became the new catch phrase. This type of technology combined with our collaboration is sure to bring a very powerful arsenal to every franchise dealer.”

DealerLegion is most known for their DMA Catapult software platform that brings dealers the opportunity to aggressively engage, target and acquire vehicle owners in a given Primary Market Area. This system targets new sales, pre-owned vehicle acquisition, and identifies market opportunities within a PMA. They are able to do this exclusively for their clients because they only work with one dealer in a given brand within the defined radius.

Dealer eProcess is the go-to solution for converting website visits into leads. Their marketing tools effectively provide stronger traffic, leads and sales for auto dealerships through SEO and SEM management. Their latest product, the Virtual Credit Consultant, has been rolled out to their clients for the past 6 months with amazing results; one dealership experienced a raise of credit applications by 201 percent.

The synergy of the two products is a powerful weapon for dealers looking to capture every opportunity under their rooftop.




About DealerLegion, LLC
DealerLegion is a cutting edge marketing technology firm specializing in providing sales solutions for Franchise Dealers nationwide. Leveraging our proprietary DMA CATAPULT® market mining software, our BDC component, and event management expertise, we provide Franchise Dealers with a guaranteed new vehicle sales target each and every month. Our Dealer Partners enjoy exclusive market engagement, data support tools that provide GM’s with untapped insight into a sales desk operation, and keen insight on market/ consumer trends that focus on New Vehicle sales efficiency. This results in incremental growth for our partners, allowing them to climb not only in efficiency and market rank, but in profitability as well. You too, can have the Legion behind you! For more information, call 877.213.7042.

About Dealer eProcess
Headquartered in Downers Grove, Illinois, just west of Chicago, Dealer eProcess builds innovative websites and integrated marketing tools that engage consumers and producers. They are committed to creating more opportunity and conversion for auto dealers than any other website provider in the industry. For more information on Dealer eProcess, call 877.551.2555.