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A Better Way to Manage Call Tracking Leads

By October 15, 2014 December 8th, 2014 No Comments
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Call tracking leads are now easier to categorize by desktop, mobile, and tablet call tracking numbers, thanks to a new feature Dealer eProcess created for its Dashboard. Call tracking is a way to correlate marketing sources with leads, opportunities, and revenue generated over the telephone. By connecting specific campaigns and keywords with unique phone numbers, marketers can report how many calls each campaign is driving.

Consumers are using multiple devices to research new cars on your dealership website, and now it’s easier to dissect and manage that call tracking lead information in the Dealer eProcess Dashboard. If you aren’t tracking how efforts impact phone calls, then you may be missing out on the opportunity to truly prove which leads resulted from your efforts.


Manage every call tracking phone number for your dealership in the Department Manager tool.


Review phone leads by source and category as well as total leads for each department (sales, service, finance,etc).



For a quick review, take a look at the gauges below to see how desktop, mobile, and tablet leads stack up against each other.


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