A great automotive website starts with great design.

Here at Dealer eProcess, we use the latest in website design technologies and trends, and mix it togedther with years of website conversion data, to create the most stunning and effective websites for our dealers.

With endless design capabilities, DEP will help you create a site that fits your store’s unique needs in a way that looks great on any device and converts traffic into leads at the highest rate.


Responsive Websites displayed on several device screens

The DEP website platform was designed with a unique, customer-centric design. All website features, from navigation to image optimization, were built within our responsive platform to give the customer the quickest, easiest car-buying experience possible. Whether a user is on a mobile device, tablet, or desktop, they will get a completely secure (SSL/HTTPS), ADA compliant, hassle-free web-browsing experience that no one else can match.

The ease of use of our platform is the reason why no sites generate more leads than Dealer eProcess.

Dealer eProcess developed its website platform from the ground up, and is the only company in the industry that utilizes RESSponsive 3.5 technology. RESSponsive design ensures that your website functions perfectly on any device to give your customers the best possible web-browsing experience. With a true RESSponsive site, everything from vehicle photos to 3rd-party plugins become optimized for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, giving your customers a fluid experience across all platforms.






voice signals rendered on frequency meter


Following the increasing trend of voice-activated technology, Voice Search allows customers to navigate our sites just by talking. All they need to do is click the microphone button on the homepage and say what they want to see, such as inventory, service hours, or current incentives. In a matter of seconds they can check if the model they are searching for is in stock and get directions to the dealership!

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Google has trained the world on how to easily search for anything they’re looking for, and we feel that your website should offer the same familiar experience. With our real time site search, customers can simply type in whatever they’re looking for, and the site will automatically present them with all the website content that matches their search. It’s the “Google Experience” on your own website!

Site Search screen

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With DEP’s Mega Menus, website navigation is quick and easy. Within this complete menu system, customers can find everything from full inventory listings to parts and service coupons. The customer never has to dig into your site to find the content they’re looking for because our Mega Menus bring it straight to them. Plus, by incorporating more relevant website content into the menu bar, Google gives your site more authority than ever before.

Mega Menus screen

Apple and Google integration


Most people open up their smartphone before they even get out of bed in the morning, so it’s crucial for your website to integrate with this technology. With Apple/Google integration, we can send everything from directions to coupons straight to the native apps on your customers’ phones.

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It used to be all about the VDP, but these days the Search Results Page (SRP) is truly where the magic happens…so long as your SRP can perform the way it needs to. With today’s shoppers increasingly using their mobile devices to shop for cars, the amount of pages a customer views on a website is going down.

This means you have less of a chance of your shoppers actually getting past the SRP on your site. Because of this, your SRP has to have some serious functionality in order to convert more of your web traffic. This is why we built our SRP to be the most
functional and robust SRP in the industry.

Our SRPs include all of the following features not found anywhere else:

  • Largest vehicle photo size
  • ALL vehicle photos
  • Custom pricing display
  • Rebate calculations
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • One Minute ePrice
  • Price Unlock
  • Custom call-to-action buttons
  • Video integration
  • Monthly payments
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Window stickers
  • Brochures
  • Side-by-side vehicle comparisons
  • Detailed vehicle information
  • Vehicle comments
SRP (Search Results Page) for cars on a Mazda dealership website


VDP screen with Hyper Zoom and Hot Spots


Customers now have the ability to zoom into your hi-res vehicle images, for an even more detailed view of the vehicles on your lot.
With DEP exclusive Hot Spots, we can layover vehicle info on your photos. Now, customers can truly experience your inventory directly on your website.

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For the customer that wants to take a closer look at a vehicle on your site, we’ve developed the industry’s most complete Vehicle Details Page (VDP).

Our VDPs come standard with the following information:

  • Lease/purchase payments
  • Vehicle details
  • Installed options
  • Trade-in evaluation
  • Unlimited customizable pricing fields
  • Price Drop Alerts
  • One Minute ePrice & Price Unlock
  • 4K photos
  • Photo Hot Spots & Hyper Zoom
  • Automated incentives, rebates,
  • & specials program
  • Used vehicle original MSRP data
  • Vehicle inventory videos
  • 360˚ interior & exterior views
  • Owner’s manuals
  • Brochures
  • Window stickers
  • NHTSA Safety Crash-Test Ratings
  • Green score ratings
  • Vehicle awards & accolades
  • Vehicle window stickers


You can have aggressive ad campaigns, create compelling ad text, and target the right consumers, but if you don’t have the best landing pages then all your marketing falls flat on its face!

With DEP’s Dynamic Make/Model Pages, your customers will always be directed to the right landing page for them. These pages are driven by data, so they always have the best information, and the highest conversion rates.

Plus, they have extremely high relevancy scores with Google, which means your ads show higher on the search page and cost less per click!

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Dynamic Make/Model page


How strong is your reputation in your market? Do you get a lot of good reviews on Google, Facebook, Dealer Rater, etc.? If you do, then you need a system that can aggregate all of those good reviews and display them on the most important website on the internet…yours!
Our Dealer Watch review aggregator will instantly send all of your best reviews from top review sites directly to your website. Now, consumers visiting your site can see how well-liked you are with your previous customers, and feel more comfortable doing business with you. Plus, it adds a strong boost to your SEO!
logos from review websites in a low horizontal row

Pricing Manager

The way a vehicle is priced on your website can be the difference between getting a lead or letting the customer slip away.

With DEP’s Pricing Manager, you can ensure that all of your vehicles are correctly priced and displayed in a way that makes them the most appealing to your customer base. Never lose a customer because of price ever again.

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Pricing Manager screen images

Dealer Grade screen

Dealer Grade

Each Dealer eProcess website features a built-in Website Grader. This tool uses a proprietary algorithm that lets you know what areas of your website need attention and what opportunities you’re missing.

Be sure you’re a step ahead of your competitors: always display real vehicle photos, have vehicle specials marked, show comments/descriptions, and much more! Service and parts department pages will never display expired coupons. Let Dealer eProcess monitor your website from top to bottom!

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Fully Responsive Dynamic Page Builder

The ability to create brand-new web pages on the fly is critical for the health of your dealership and your website.

This is why the DEP Dynamic Page Builder is such a critical tool. Not only is it the only page builder in the industry with automotive-specific widgets, but it’s also fully-responsive. This means you only have to build the page once and it is optimized for all devices. Creating great content has never been easier.

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Dynamic Page Builder interface screens

SARA: Digital Retailing

All-New-3-in-1 Solution!

Digital retailing is the future, and Dealer eProcess is leading the charge! Our digital retailing platform is the most advanced, fully integrated tool on the market. With the ability to perform real-time, soft credit pulls, a fully integrated proprietary appraisal tool, and a direct link to your DMS, this tool will power the future of car buying. DEP controls the technology that powers every step of the digital retailing process, making this the most frictionless tool in the industry; giving your customers the best possible user experience.

If you’re looking to get into the world of digital retailing, DEP can help get you moving into the future, today!

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#1 eCreditApp

  • No SSN, DOB, or DL
  • Credit Score
  • # of Credit Inquiries
  • # of Late Payments
  • Revolving Debt %
  • Current Loan Term
  • Original Loan Amount
  • Loan Months Remaining
  • Cosigner Indicator
  • Current Loan/Lease Monthly Payment & Interest Rate
SARA step 1: eCreditApp

#2 eAutoAppraise

  • OEM Incentive Data
  • Blackbook or NADA Guides
  • Customizable Dealer Questions
  • Integrated Dealer Inventory
  • Upload Vehicle Photos/Video
  • Customizable Valuations
SARA step 2: Trade In Tool

#3 Digital Retailing

  • DMS Integration
  • Tax Data
  • Dealer Fee Data
  • Vehicle Add-Ons
  • Vehicle Accessories Integration
  • Finance & Lease Payments
  • Trade-In Equity Calculation
  • Captive Lender Rates
  • Adjustable Down Payments
  • Adjustable Term Length
SARA step 3: Digital Retailing

Website Personalization

You might not realize it, but website personalization is everywhere. Personalization is the act of changing the content on a website after a user visits to make it more relevant to their own personal shopping experience. Think of the last time you went to Amazon.com. Did you see images of items you recently browsed? Did you see related items? Were there offers that were completely relevant to you? Of course there were.
With DEP, your dealership website can have the same functionality. Once our website platform identifies what vehicle(s) a customer is most interested in, the website will change to feature those vehicles the next time the customer comes back to your site. This deeper level of connection between the consumer and dealership is what makes our websites the highest-converting websites in the industry.

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Website page with customizable features highlighted, including: search, home page banners, model scroller, custom videos, chat, and service manager


Chat technology has come a long way. In the past, it was a simple way to quickly communicate with customers on your site. Today, however, DEP’s chat technology allows for a much more integrated solution. From multi-platform communication to full DMS integration, our chat system is the most advanced way to interact with your customers and sell more cars.


DEP manages all chats for all departments 24/7/365 on behalf of the dealership. We’ll be your backup when your team is not available! You can watch chats happen in real time while also having the ability to “jump in” and take over the conversation from our trained live chat agents. This style of chat allows you to have the best of both worlds and complete live chat coverage.

Integrated Chat, Hybrid Live Chat on tablet device screen


Our AutoBot features artificial intelligence that conducts a conversation on behalf of a dealer, but also allows dealership personnel to jump into the chat and take over.

With AutoBot technology you have the potential to reach customers more efficiently, with high levels of customer engagement.

AutoBot screen on tablet device


With Facebook Connect, we seamlessly integrate Facebook’s native messaging platform into our own chat system. This way, you can communicate with potential customers through the most widely used messaging platform on the planet.

Facebook Connect image on device screen


Two-way texting allows your customers to initiate an SMS text message directly with your dealership personnel.

Efficiently track all messages, improve customer satisfaction, and increase response rates within your dealership.

Integrated Chat, texting

Integrated Chat on laptop screen

DEP Dashboard

Integrated Chat dashboard screen

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Offering customers special offers and promotions to come into your store is nothing new. But presenting customers with targeted offers based on what they’ve viewed on your site, where they are geographically, how long they’ve been browsing, and other personalized information, changes the game.

Based on data, for example – where a car shopper is located geographically or how many times have they been to the website – a targeted offer will automatically be offered up to them. No waiting for redemptions for gift cards, they simply fill out the personalized offer, and the dealer receives a high-quality lead directly to their CRM.

With our logic-based DriveCentive platform, offers can be strategically placed in front of the right customers to give them that final push needed to get them into your showroom.

DriveCentive logo
DriveCentive screen

Facebook Connect

Let’s face it, people are using Facebook for just about everything these days, including messaging. If you’re not actively communicating with your customers on Facebook, then you’re missing a huge opportunity. But don’t worry, DEP has you covered.

With Facebook Connect, we seamlessly integrate Facebook’s native messaging platform into our own chat system. This way, you can communicate with potential customers through the most widely used messaging platform on the planet!

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Social Media

Social media is changing the game. All customers coming to your site have some level of social engagement in their lives.

Our Social Media Integration lets customers include your dealership in all of their social interactions. Everything from our Social Media Toolbar to our Facebook Inventory Widget is designed to make you a part of every conversation, and makes you the most “social” dealer in your market.

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Social Media pop ups feeds and screens

Live Chat

Website chat platforms have become the norm in the automotive industry. Chat is a great solution that allows you to speak to each customer in real time and gives you the best chance to get them offline and into the store. However, not all chat platforms are created equal. Dealer eProcess has invested a great deal of time and effort to create the most effective chat program for your store. Below are some features that make our chat platform better than the rest.


Using Dealer Managed Chat, you will have the ability to log in to the industry’s best user interface, via desktop computer or mobile app, and manage live chats by department initiated from a customer requesting help on the website.


Some dealerships like to manage their own chat, but most aren’t available 24/7. That’s where we come in. You can watch chats in real time and take over the conversation from our trained live chat agents. This allows the you to have the best of both worlds with 24/7 live chat coverage.


Our chat tool can bring up recommendations based on what vehicles a customer has shopped for. This highly-customized chat does a great job of producing higher engagement and generating more high-quality leads than ever before.

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chat window with relevant vehicle inventory in featured column

Let’s face it, there’s no reason why customers shouldn’t be able to shop for parts on your website.

Parts websites have dominated this massive ecommerce segment for years, leaving dealers with nothing but crumbs. Well now the tables have turned.

With our online parts catalog, customers can easily shop your parts store. From any device, shoppers can quickly find the parts that they need and place their order directly on your site. You can now start to gain a bigger piece of the multi-billion dollar OEM parts segment and start generating more cash for your store.

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Parts Catalog screen

The Virtual Service Consultant is a fully-responsive tool that allows customers on any device to easily schedule service appointments.

VSC is a one-of-a-kind scheduling software developed specifically for auto dealerships and independent repair facilities looking to make an impact in their service departments online.

The virtual assistant will walk customers through the process, offering complimentary services to begin the upsell process before they even drive up to your service lane. This leads to more ROs and more profits!

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Virtual Service Consultant

Virtual Service Consultant screen


Your ranking in Google is one of the most important aspects of your business. A solid SEO strategy will ensure that customers can easily find your site before they find your competitors’.
This is where DEP’s advanced SEO tools and techniques can really take your store to the next level. From our Advanced Article Network, which provides limitless relevant content to your customer, to our Custom Content Engineering Team who can help you dominate searches in your market, you can rest assured that car buyers will never be able to say they couldn’t find your website.


We know it can be challenging to connect all of the metrics behind a website and how that equates to vehicle sales so we do it for you. One login built by DEP will provide you the answers to Google Analytics, Search Engine Marketing, VDP and SRP reporting, lead counts, conversion rates, 3rd-party sites, and more!
Advanced Reporting 2018


CARoi logo

A website is more than just a place where customers browse your inventory and fill out leads, it’s a tool that, when used properly, can help you manage your entire dealership. Dealer eProcess is the only company in the space that connects all the dots between your online and offline business, giving you the complete picture of exactly where your sales and revenue are coming from.

By tying everything to your DMS, Dealer eProcess gives you the industry’s ONLY ROI dashboard. We call it CARoi!

We pull in all website and digital marketing data, match any DMS sales to website activity, and provide you a clear-cut report showing what does, and does NOT, help you sell cars. We even give historical reports so dealers can figure out the exact online and offline “formula” that produces the best results.

Having all the data in hand makes getting a grasp on your business easier than ever before. We also pull in information such as what inventory was on the ground in a given month, and what sales people and managers sell you the most cars. We bring online and offline data together to give you all the information you need to sell more cars and grow your business!

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CARoi preview image


Do you have a team of data scientists combing through your marketing accounts and removing wasted spend? If not, then you’re way behind the times. At Dealer eProcess, we’ve got the most intelligent marketing system in the industry, and it’s all run through our proprietary Machine Learning system.

DEP Machine Learning is a data-driven system that lives inside your marketing accounts, churning through data and optimizing your campaigns in a way that no person can. Not only does this system make you instantly more efficient, it actually gets smarter the longer it lives in your account, meaning your dollars get spent better month over month.

We performed a case study where we took over a dealer’s marketing account and added DEP Machine Learning. The results speak for themselves:

Digital Marketing case study

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boxes with Digital Marketing labels dropping into a machine that totals the Cost per Click

Dynamic VDP Remarketing

When shoppers see an ad that is relevant to their needs, they are far more likely to engage with it than an ad that doesn’t speak to them.

Our inventory-based remarketing allows you to follow customers around the internet with images of the exact cars they browsed on your website. A click on one of these ads will direct a shopper right back to the VDP.

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Dynamic VDP Remarketing listings on display screens

Display Advertising

Whether you want a campaign designed for dealership branding, an event, or a specific model, we can do it. We’ll design and place a targeted digital ad on hundreds of websites. You will find this to be a more cost-effective way of advertising, with a proven ROI.

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square shaped display ad for a 2018 Chevy Equinox

Facebook Advertising

Likes, follows, shares, car sales… It’s all part of our Facebook Advertising strategy. Dealer eProcess offers sales, service, finance, and conquest campaigns with custom creative and target marketing powered by Polk Data & TransUnion.

You can also follow customers onto Facebook with images of the exact vehicles they browsed on your website with our VDP
remarketing. People check their Facebook page an average of 14 times per day; don’t miss out!

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Facebook Advertising displayed on smartphone

YouTube Trueview/Pre-Roll

Video is king. If you want to rule the digital world, or at least the part that affects car shoppers in your geographic area, then our video pre-roll placement strategies can provide the boost you are looking for. And if they click ‘skip’, it’s free!

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YouTube Trueview Pre-Roll video

Oracle Data Integration

These days, everything we do as consumers gets recorded and cataloged. Major companies have access to countless pools of customer data that tell us how each individual in your market behaves. In order to bring this next-level data to automotive, Dealer eProcess partnered with Oracle to add multiple layers of advanced targeting data to our marketing campaigns. This takes the guesswork out of who to show your ads to, which means each customer we target gets a truly customized ad experience, leading to much higher conversions!

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Oracle logo


Dealer eProcess customers don’t ever have to worry about missing out on the opportunity to present a user with the best manufacturer incentives available. This platform consists of both dynamically generated ads on Google and Yahoo/Bing, and dynamically generated landing pages that contain all the information about these offers that consumers could possibly want.

By combining our dynamic ad platform with these advanced landing pages, our dealers have not only seen an increase in leads, but also a decrease in their costs per click, due to the high relevancy of the ads and landing pages. Plus, since we embed these pages on your site, and DON’T USE FRAME-INS, your site will also get a boost in SEO!

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Dynamic Lease offer summary screen

Waze advertising shown on smartphone devices

Waze Advertising

Every minute there are over 7 navigations to car dealers via the WAZE app, and every 5 minutes there are over 56 searches for vehicle service centers. By not taking advantage of WAZE advertising, you run the risk of having customers get directions to competitors’ showrooms and service lanes instead of your own.

With WAZE, you have a number of different opportunities to put your brand in front of consumers at the moment they’re looking to drive to someone’s lot, including:

• Branded Pins: Basically an in-app billboard branding your store when users search for a local dealer.

• Zero-Speed Takeovers: Reach drivers when their attention is highest with WAZE’s highest impact ad format.

• Search Promotion: Your brand can show at the top of search results when users search for relevant brand or dealer terms.

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Google Posts

Google Posts is the way to put a vivid image of your store and your offers on the front page of Google! Posts allows you to place scrolling banners just under your Google My Business listing. These banners are managed and can be rotated and changed as needed to ensure your messaging is always relevant and gives you the most visibility on the ever-important front page of Google.

Dealer eProcess can help manage your Google Posts so you can take advantage of this precious real estate!

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Google Posts display ads

CAROI Sales Heat Map

How do you really know if your digital marketing dollars are being spent in the right locations?

That’s where our CARoi sales heat map comes in! This system will map paid search spend vs. actual sales to find out where your money is being spent most effectively. This way, we can adjust targeting and bidding strategies to the hammer away that the areas in your market that produce the most sales. This means your money gets spent better, and your ROI goes up.

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CAROi Sales Heat Map screen

Cross-Sell Report screens

Cross-Sell Report

Let’s face it, you know how many cars you sold year-over-year. You know if your market is up or down. You know which competitors are eating your lunch. The question is whether or not your website and marketing companies know this information.

At Dealer eProcess, we have all of this data, and more! Our system captures your in-market sales data to get a complete picture of your marketplace, help us identify areas of opportunity, create strategies to overtake your competitors, and forecast future
budgeting and website initiatives to make you the top-dog in your market.

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Our Partnerships

partner logos

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We’re not afraid to drown in our own sweat. We wake up at 5am obsessed with actual leads and conversions, not phony “lead guarantees”. We live and die by KPIs and eat ROI for breakfast. We don’t just promise pretty. Summer hours, WTF is that?
We live and breathe websites and digital marketing. We are a company full of kick-ass people working together to dramatically advance dealership sales. We don’t hide behind computer screens, we’ve worked on the retail floor.

We crush it every day…that’s what makes us DEP.