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Automotive Marketing Facts: Self Selling Stores

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Self Selling Stores

Technology allows the world to produce more cars with less people. It will soon allow more people to be transported more miles with a lot fewer drivers. Which may save a lot of us, because technology is also producing more traffic tickets without the use of a police officer. So it begs the question, will there be self-selling stores, places where you can buy a vehicle without talking to anyone? That will probably only happen online, and in affiliation with a store offering personal service. It’s not just that some people want help and some people don’t. Some of the people who don’t think they want help will not only change their minds – they will be disappointed if they do not get it right away once they do want it. Expensive, durable goods can be purchased with no human interaction, and some people will love it. However, some people just think they will, and that’s a fact.

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