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Automotive Marketing Facts: Optimal Vehicle Photos

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Optimal Vehicle Photos

TRANSCRIPT: Jenna, an RESS responsive website from Dealer eProcess turns every one of the dealer’s photos into 16 different sizes. That dramatically improves the load time on smaller devices or slower connections, but is there more a dealer can do to improve load speed. Dennis, load speed is critical to the bounce rate, site conversion, and SEO. And there are things the dealer can do too with the photos they upload to make the site even faster. First of all, offering the largest photo size in the industry provides the most visually dynamic display of photographic content out there – we want to make sure we receive that photo size to optimize the user experience. Our Responsive Websites with server side elements do more than just reduce your content to the browser size, we will actually take into account what device, meaning desktop, tablet or mobile, your customer is on. This allows us to prioritize which content is served up, and also create a customized environment to optimize functionality and speed for the user. Getting the most out of your website requires putting the right things into it in the optimal way, and that’s a fact.