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Automotive Marketing Facts: Millennials and Women Are Not Market Segments

By October 27, 2015 December 9th, 2015 No Comments
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Millennials and Women Are Not Market Segments

Market segments are sections of a broader market who have common needs, interests and priorities. Around our industry articles and webinars are constantly popping up about millennials or women talking about them as though they were all the same. You can say a group of people have an average buying cycle of 45 days, but if half of them buy in 15 days or less and 25% of them buy in 90 days or more your thinking is wrong three times out of four based on a perfectly accurate average. Some millennials want a Camaro and others want a Kia Soul. Some want to negotiate and some do not. Some women are all about the cup holders and interior features, others want to be sure it can pull their horse trailer. Unless you are broadcasting messages to groups of people who share common shopping needs, interests, and priorities, the best segment size is one. Listen to the one person in front of you. Make sure your website can listen, respond, and meet the needs of any one person on it. Throw out the averages and treat people like a segment of one. You’ll sell more cars, and that’s a fact.