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Love Your Chat Tool Again with AutoBot

By February 13, 2019 No Comments
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It’s that month of the year where love is in the air and here at Dealer eProcess we want to highlight a few of the website tools we know you are going to love! Whether you are familiar with our chat tool, AutoBot, or just want to learn more about it, keep reading about the main advantages it can have for your dealership.

Efficiency and Engagement

Chat tools for any company are about creating a meaningful interaction with the consumer. Even if it’s only a quick exchange of information for business hours or an inventory inquiry, a dealership’s goal is to take that lead and translate it into a sale or service appointment. One great way to do that is with our chat tool, AutoBot. This technology brings a lot to the table, including enhanced user experience and increased efficiency for the dealer.

How AutoBot Works

Thanks to advanced artificial intelligence and extensive user research by our company, AutoBot gives customers all of the things they are looking for in an online messaging experience. A recent study showed that the top reasons a customer would use a chat tool include resolving a problem, getting an explanation, finding a human customer service assistant, and making a reservation. AutoBot ensures that there are 24/7 answers to these questions! Whether it’s a holiday, late in the evening, or early in the morning, you can be confident a customer will quickly get the information they need. And since the information is programmable ahead of time, dealers can ensure both consistency and accuracy with the responses.

There is no need for fancy technical skills to set-up and manage AutoBot, plus dealers are actually able to increase productivity by re-allocating staff who might normally be responsible for handling chat conversations. AutoBot is incredibly easy to utilize and comes with analytics to help dealers see how the chats are being used. Key features include a responsive layout for all devices, OEM compliance, integrated dealer inventory, real-time responses, and much more!

Is it time to re-evaluate your relationship with your chat service? Contact Dealer eProcess and learn more about our Chatbot tool. It’s just one aspect of our complete Integrate Chat lineup!

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