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What is Content Engineering?

Consumers' Buying Decision pie chartCreating personality online is essential to your business. If a customer sees a cookie cutter website with no custom content, he or she will be unimpressed. Why should customers buy a vehicle from your dealership if you do not put in effort for their online car buying experience? Boost your online game and pack your website with unique content that targets your audience!

Dealer eProcess is expanding in the customization world. We understand what, how, and where people search for information. Not only will you have more of an online presence with unique content, but you will attract more serious buyers! Simply providing data that people often seek will drive more traffic to your website.

Our team of Content Engineers will set up a unique strategy and create sustainable content with the topics and target areas you want to cover. By concentrating on a specific area, we can reach customers in both your region and your competitors’ backyards, driving the most suitable and qualified customers to your website.


Gone are the days of keyword heavy SEO and tricking search engines! Our Content Engineers create custom pages that:

  • Focus on the actual structure of the pages
  • Provide unique and authoritative information
  • Are sustainable and designed for the user
  • Focus on topics, not just keywords
  • Help drive traffic to your site
  • Give customers a top-notch experience, both online and in your showroom


Infographics provide appealing, relevant information and attention-grabbing graphical landing pages. You can display any of the following items on a personalized infographic page on your dealership’s website:

  • Special Events
  • Special Offers
  • Service and Parts Offers
  • Sales, and More!


Informational pages focus on user-end experience and provide detailed information that your customers search for. Customized informative pages are created so that all of your customer’s research and questions can be answered on your dealership’s website. Your customers are looking for information, so why not create the best experience by providing:

  • Top Industry News
  • Special Lease and Finance Offers
  • Vehicle Technology and Specs
  • Model Comparisons, and More!


Why should someone buy a car from your dealership? Utilize video content on your dealership’s website and provide a personal, transparent touch that can immensely set you apart from your competition. Target your audience with a variety of topics including:

  • How-To Videos
  • Why Buy From Us?
  • Special Offers
  • Service Videos, and More!

How do we do it?

Once we discuss a monthly strategy for your dealership, we will create a personalized editorial calendar with information such as when and where the content will be posted and what social media we will use to promote your new content! From writing and editing to building and linking the pages on your website, our team of Content Engineers take care of everything for you. Your content will be authoritative, engaging, and eye-catching on your website!

It goes without saying most people prefer to receive their information in one place. Whether your focus is SEO, informational, infographics, video, or all four, catering to your customers’ preferences is crucial to providing the best online user experience possible. Our Content Engineers are ready to provide customized, relevant content for your dealership today!

Remember, as the venerable Ben Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

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