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Are You Expecting Social Media To Help You Sell?

By August 27, 2009 July 23rd, 2014 One Comment
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Can social media really help your business build it’s brand or sell the products you have to offer? With more people using these web sites on a daily basis, there must be a way to turn followers into purchasers. I believe its possible with a few simple strategies. Consider the power of social media as communicator, leader, and sale person. Follow these guidelines for social media success.

Social media is all about building a dialog with like minded people or people who are in your target audience. Social media has impact when it is focused on the market you serve. If you are in shoes and you’re trying to build a following in the area of automotive, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Begin with a Social Media plan. Many people start using social media without a clear objective. You should always begin with a clear objective and by developing a plan to support social media activities on a regular basis. Decide if you can handle the burden of social media on your own or if you will require help from others.

Share what you know. Each of us has an area or discipline that we know something about. If you have a hobby, career, or area of interest, then focus on sharing what you know with others. By focusing your efforts on what you know best, your passion comes through and keeps others engaged. This creates more value for your followers and keeps them coming back.

Be consistent with your communications. Speak with your audience on a regular basis. Better yet, create a dialog and conversation around specific topics. This ensures that your conversation is meaningful and valuable. Its always a good idea to solicit topics from your audience. What you share must be relevant to their day to day needs.

Invite others to participate. By inviting others to participate in your subject matter, you can create meaningful conversation. If those who are interested in your topic have an opportunity to participate, they feel a sense of ownership and want to give more. Social media is all about conversation that is two ways. Solicit topics and questions from your audience and keep them engaged.

Succeed by not selling. One of the biggest turn offs of social media is that a lot of people, businesses included, jump in and start selling. Just like the used car salesman, some individuals focus on selling without first creating value. This is one of the most important things you can do within the realm of social media. Start by creating a dialog and providing value to your followers. Once you do, they will want to use the products you’re using and try the services you recommend.

The area of social media in dealers is in full force. By developing a list of followers or fans, you can quickly improve the opportunity to build your brand. To sell your products however, you’ll have to create value for your followers. Don’t try to sell directly. You’re best bet is to mention products in a subtle way. This has more power than the direct approach when it comes to social media marketing. Followers can leave you quickly so don’t push your luck. Create value and they will return the favor.

by Michael Fleischner