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waze advertising
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DEP is proud to offer advertising through Waze, the world’s largest community-based navigation app. With millions of active users, this is a prime opportunity for attracting new customers. Keep reading to learn about how you can take advantage of our new product!

About Waze

If you’ve ever driven to a new place, chances are you’ve tried the Waze app. From meeting friends at a new restaurant, to avoiding traffic on the way home from work, this navigation app is incredible popular. How popular? It has an estimated 90 million active users. And, roughly seven navigations to a car dealership occur on Waze every minute. This doesn’t even include the ones looking for a service location, which includes an estimated 56 every five minutes.

Waze Advertising

These numbers certainly point to an opportunity for advertising. Waze allows for two different ad formats, which include Branded Pin and Zero-Speed Takeover. Both have their own unique benefits, especially for dealers.

With Branded Pin, a billboard-like image will appear. Users will be able to click and quickly receive important details like dealership phone number, hours, and more. Another bonus is that you’ll also be eligible for a Search Promotion. This places your dealership’s name at the top of the results feed when user submits a search such as ‘Acura Dealer.’

The second option is Zero-Speed Takeover, which is essentially a pop-up ad. Activated when a user stops their vehicle, these ads include text, an image, and a call-to-action ‘Drive There’ button. We suggest using Zero-Speed Takeover for OEM brand messages and other special offers, such as service discounts. You’ll be able to attract customers who may stop in to get an oil change simply because they won’t have figure out how to get there.

Be one of the first to utilize all that Waze advertising has to offer! Our Digital Marketing experts are excited to tell you more about this new DEP feature.

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