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5 Rules To Dealer Website Design

By November 8, 2008 No Comments
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When choosing an auto dealer website provider, keep in mind you only have one chance to keep the internet visitor from clicking the exit button once they visit your site.

More than ever (92% of car shoppers use the internet before purchasing) your dealer website design represents your business and the face of your dealership!

For years, we have been told that when going to an interview you have 10 seconds to make a lasting first impression. There is no difference when designing your dealership website than making the first impression in an interview. You are making a first impression with the prospective car buyer who has searched the vehicles you are offering in your website design. The first impression can make the difference between getting a lead from that potential buyer or just a visitor to your website.

Rule #1.
Make sure the website provider has an unblockable and dealer editable home page pop up to show promotions and urgency for a sale or offer. Dealers should be able to turn on and off this promotion. Dealer e Process websites give the dealership full control of home page pop ups. The software is built in a way that it cannot be blocked by internet browsers.

Rule #2.
Make sure your dealer website design makes it easy for the visitor to find the navigation buttons. If a customer has to search for a navigation button to find information about the vehicles of interest or the navigation buttons are not working, the visitor may get frustrated and leave you website costing you a lead.

As a rule of thumb, your navigation buttons should be on the top of your web page because the majority of people read from top to bottom on the internet. It is also important to allow customers to find different ways to find inventory from the top to the bottom of the page. Having searches such as MPG,Payment,Fuel Efficient,Specials,Budget Row, etc are very important. Having just a vehicle search may not spark the imagination of a customer. HAVE MORE!

Rule #3.
When visitors are browsing your dealership site, have a clear indication for the visitor of where they are on your website and how to get to other pages.
You may want to put a link on each page that the visitor clicks to take them to the home page or another page relating to the information currently viewing. In other words do not confuse your visitor or your visitor may just click off the website totally.

Rule #4.
When choosing your website provider pay close attention to loading time, the time it takes your web pages to load. You can reduce loading time by reducing graphics on each page. A good website design should load under two seconds. Dealer e Process websites load extremely fast through the use of proper coding and zero flash.
The longer it takes the pages to load the more frustrating it can be to the visitor. People want it yesterday not today and definitely not tomorrow.

Rule #5.
Make sure your dealership website works in all internet browsers(Internet Explorer,Firefox,Safari). Too many times I have seem website providers that have designed websites that work in Internet Explorer 5 and 6, but not 7. I have seem some applications not work in Firefox at all. This is important as a broken lead form or chopped off vehicle pictures can turn customers away immediately. Dealer e Process websites are tested across all browsers as they are released.