3rd Party Integrations: Is Your Website Integrated?

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your website data organized in one central location? What if we told you that DEP has made this possible with our new InSites Dashboard? That’s right! You’re just one click away from digital ease.

How often are you getting told “Our tool outperforms the one you`re currently using?” How often are you actually getting to see the numbers to prove or disprove the promises? Dealer eProcess has been and continues to work hard at becoming integrated with most 3rd party platforms to ensure that our shared clients get the most accurate data at their fingertips.

We know it can be frustrating to look at your website data and see black holes. We want to eliminate the confusion and help make your life a little easier by only having to login to one place to get all the necessary information you may need for day to day activities.

You can actually already take a look into the InSites Dashboard and see how all the numbers come together once your website has been integrated! You can view DEP`s *brand new* Dealer Report and your entire InSites1 report all in one place!

When you begin to have all of your tools integrated with the website, you`ll soon be able to compare data from month to month, quarter to quarter, etc., making those end of the month and end of year meetings a whole lot less stressful with the ability to have the data organized and ready to export!

If you aren’t sure if your tools are integrated into the website, want to learn more about what platforms are currently integrated with Dealer eProcess, or want to get started right away, reach out to your Account Executive today!

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